BioFinder is the solution from Herta Security that makes it possible to search for a specific subject, using facial recognition, in one or various recorded videos. By working with GPU architecture, it manages to process at a high speed all the images on the analyzed video.

BioFinder makes it possible to make analyses at speeds faster than real time. In this way it is possible to localize a specific subject much faster than if the video is visualized at its original speed. BioFinder is ideal for forensic analysis or classification of information and, amongst other applications, is used by the police to search for suspects.

• Simultaneous recognition in multiple video recordings
• GPU technology, at speeds faster than real time
• „ Intensive, frame by frame analysis, without omissions
• Supports changes in facial expression and illumination, and the presence of glasses, beards, handkerchiefs or hats
• Capacity to enrol subjects through one or various pictures
• Alarms exportable to PDF format

• Forensic analysis of video recordings
• Automatic classification of information from recordings
• Searches for suspects in large video databases 


Type of identification Face, contactless, at a distance, on the move
Performance Unlimited recognition of faces on all the video frames.
Analysis of up to 10 videos simultaneously
Database performance One out of 200,000 user search in real-time with a conventional PC
Video capture resolution UltraHD — 4K
Resolution at detection
Faces larger than 20 x 20 pixels
Resolution at recognition
Faces larger than 70 x 70 pixels, recommended 100 x 100 pixels
Resolution at enrollment Faces larger than 100 x 100 pixels, recommended 150 x 150 pixels
Face rotation Optimal up to 30º, either horizontal or vertical